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Mind Zone uses sport and its unique meta-learning approach to help children master their internal world for learning, performance and life!

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Mini Minds tennis (3-6 years old) has the main goal of introducing children to sports and learning in a friendly and fun way whilst laying some key foundations for future learning and development.
Meta Minds tennis (6-10 years old) begins to introduce self-guided practice where the children are introspecting and taking pro-active steps to improve their own learning whilst tackling tasks in their own unique way
The Mind Zone Academy pathway is a highly specialised pathway that is only available upon request at this stage. Please click here to request more information about the pathway and register your interest with us! for the future!

Mini Minds tennis

Meta Minds tennis

Mind Zone Academy

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How we are different

Mind Zone is a learning environment like no other – we create a culture of deep learning, immersing every child in a bubble full of energy, reasoning, storytelling, games, songs and incentives that promote positive learning habits and attitudes in an incredibly fun way.

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Our Values

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Our Philosophy

Our Values

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