Our Values

Our values are at the core of our vision for the next generation of children. We believe that giving children ownership over their minds and bodies will empower them to begin living healthy, productive lives with a strong sense of direction.


Here at Mind Zone it is important to nurture both physical and mental health. For us these are the cornerstones of life and everything that we do. In order to inspire good physical and mental health we promote lifestyle choices such as eating healthily, doing lots of physical activity and engaging in introspective practices. It is our view that by understanding our minds and bodies we can achieve an optimal state of well-being and therefore flourish.


Purpose is what gives our lives direction. It is the “why” behind our choices and actions, ultimately giving meaning to our lives. Here at Mind Zone we believe purpose is what ignites passion, it’s that moment where everything makes sense and you know you’ve found your calling in life. We hope to kick start this process of self-discovery so that children are better equipped to make sense of themselves and the world around them. To achieve this, the Mind Zone programme encourages self-exploration and self-expression through questioning and reflection, as well as other introspective practices, such as meditation.


Being able to perform well by learning fast or producing the relevant skills and knowledge to solve problems is essential for high achievement and success. It is our view that children who develop our META SKILLS, such as self-awareness, will be better equipped to maximise their strengths and overcome areas of weakness. Our focus on attitudes and the mind will give them a performance mind-set allowing them to utilise their knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to cope with any challenges that they may face.

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