The Characters


Hey! I’m Iris and my special ability is my vision. I’m really good at seeing things for what they are and what they could be. I’m really passionate about my ideas and I often draw to express them. I have loads of energy and I sometimes try to do too much. I really need to learn to focus my attention on one thing at a time and channel my emotions so I can achieve my goals.


Hello, I’m Sonara and my special ability is how well I can hear. I’ve learnt not only to hear but to listen. Listening really helps me to understand people and build good friendships. I love doing activities that help me express myself such as playing an instrument, dancing to music or more relaxing exercises like yoga and meditation. I really need to work on having more confidence in myself to speak up and voice my thoughts.


Hi, I’m Gluteus Maximus but my friends just call me Maximus. I’m all muscle so I’m super strong. I’m really great at using my body for exercise and sports. I’m always training in my gym trying to get fitter and stronger. The thing I really need to work on is my thinking skills so I can improve at school and in sports.


Hi, my name is Neuron and I’m a brain. I’m really good at thinking and solving problems. My favourite things are maths and science. I love inventing things and doing my own experiments in my lab. The things I really need to practice are using my body and understanding people better so I can use what I know in the real world.


Hi I’m Pupil and my special ability is how well I can see. I really like observing things and understanding how they work. That’s why I’m really good at building things and sculpting models. I should try to learn to concentrate more on things I’m not so good at so I can develop new skills.

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