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Elliott Mould


About me
  • First class degree in Psychology
  • Founder and co-creator of the world’s first Pop-up tennis net
  • Touchtennis world No.1 Years (2010 -2016)
  • 5th in the world schools Tennis championships
  • Sport
  • Human potential
  • World issues
  • Meaning and ethics
My Story My Story

My Story

I have a passion for learning and self-improvement. However, this was not always the case.
My childhood was littered with confusion, anger and frustration. At the age of 4 I was diagnosed with oppositional defiance disorder and shortly after, around the age of 6, this became ADHD.

Thereafter, I was medicated on Ritalin for a number of years to calm me down at home and focus my attention at school. Despite this, I was never really engaged at school and did not achieve much, spending the majority of my time in the lower sets. I was often told by the people around me that I was not academic or even interested in learning. As a result, I held these things to be true: I was not intelligent, I was somehow a bad person, I had something wrong with me. Fortunately, I had sports to channel my anger and energy into to give my life some meaning. Otherwise, I probably would have ended up down a very different path. Despite the feelings of low self-worth and self-doubt, deep down inside of me I knew something was not right about these value judgements made about me.

Once I moved out of home at the age of sixteen I began to question everything I knew about myself – from my way of life to my beliefs. This resulted in a huge contemplative process, which ultimately led me to realise that perhaps I was not all to blame. Perhaps my environment had played a big part in my opinion about myself. Thinking introspectively about myself and my past experiences probed me to read my first ever books outside of school in an attempt to try and understand why I was who I was at that point in my life. What I found in these books changed my life. They articulated so much of what I felt and knew to be true. During this process I decided that I could change, that I could be whatever or whoever I wanted to be. I decided to give up my tennis career and went back to the school that I was on a tennis scholarship with. I asked if I could do some A levels, which was a defining moment in my life as I only had 4 GCSEs to my name and no academic confidence.

Fortunately, they allowed me to do it on a trial basis, whereby I put to work all the life skills I had taken from sports and all the psychological understanding of myself, achieving straight As in my first year of A levels.

My second year was not as perfect but still gave me good enough grades to go and study Law at Bournemouth University. During this time I continued my self-exploration through books and introspection. I then began to question my choice for Law, as I was unsure if this was really what I wanted, if it truly resonated with the deepest sense of my being. The answer was no and after a volunteering trip to Tanzania that confirmed my thoughts about myself and society I decided to switch to Psychology. I think this turned out to be a good decision. During this time I met the love of my life, graduated with a first class degree, invented the world’s first pop-up tennis net and set about creating Mind Zone. Aligning myself with my true thoughts and beliefs was the key to all of my achievements. Ultimately, this has led me to where I am today.

I recognize the valuable life skills I have learnt from sport which allowed me to make such changes and navigate my way through an unfamiliar world, as well as the value of developing a powerful self-concept through personal learning. I also realize that our educational systems, in any domain, need to respect the fact that we are all very unique and, therefore, need to offer a much more flexible learning environment, incorporating aspects of the whole person. I firmly believe that if we do this, we will empower children, spark lifelong learning and inspire the greatest possible movement towards human progress.

I want to give this empowering message to the world. I want to do this through a learning environment like no other that nurtures the individual and the expression of their true selves through applying the latest research and technology.

Tom Cornish

Mind Zone Instructor

About me
  • The successful completion of my access to higher education course
  • Following my passion studying cognitive neuroscience BSc
  • Scholarship player at Sutton tennis academy
  • Competed nationally and internationally as a Junior
  • Tennis
  • Theoretical physics (quantum physics)
  • Neuroscience
  • Economics/Politics
My Story My Story
Mind Zone Instructor

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